• Mike Demio

You need some drama in your life...Danjul can help

Sunday…the last day of the week. The time to sit back and relax, gather your strength to wake up bright and early tomorrow! To help you take your mind off the suffering every Monday brings, we have a brand-new review for you. Today, we’ll be reviewing the song “Drama” by the LA-based singer/songwriter Danjul. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

A good song always sets the mood in the first seconds, and Drama is no different. You immediately get a kind of retro and playful feeling because of the distorted synths. A LR vocal pan further proves that mood right. So, with the playful mood set, we are introduced with the vocals at 0:14. A quick song-killer is messing up the vocal mix, but Danjul’s vocals sit perfectly in the mix here.

The audio space is for sure spent well, everything is breathing well and you can make out everything that is going on without trying hard. Now to clarify what I mean by audio space and song-killer, a song that has too much going on will sound muddy, therefore not worth listening to. When you have too much going on at the same time, it’s exponentially harder to let every element have its own space in the audio spectrum. When frequencies crash, it becomes muddy. So with that being clear, you can clearly head that Danjul’s mix sounds crisp.

I do have to mention that I don’t particularly agree with the vocal melody at times, as it loses its dynamic touch at times, for example at around 0:30 when he changes progression. Whenever you have to drag your words or compress a sentence it just becomes such a focal point in my listening experience and bums me out a little, especially when everything else is so perfect. Remember, this is only my personal opinion, and is not the reality of every listener! Even with the slight bummer in the vocals, Danjul puts me right back on track in the next part of the song, which is a pseudo-chorus. Pseudo choruses are becoming more and more popular as it puts an interesting spin on the song structure. The industry standard of song structure in this genre is ABABCB, which is two verses, three choruses and one bridge. This is where the playfulness of “Drama” comes into play again, using a pseudo-chorus to keep surprising the listeners, making them unaware of what’s coming next.

So to summarize, “Drama” is definitely a 24 Carat Sounds approved song! The song ooze of professionalism and Danjul is really onto something with this style. It’s interesting and fun, which is also reflected in its stream numbers. We wish Danjul all the best in all future musical endeavors, and hope to hear some more new releases soon!