• Allie Russell

West of West takes us back to the 80's in their latest single

What can we say? West of West is hitting us like lightning from clear sky. We know very little about this artist, but we are breaking down his latest single “You’ll Fall”. First of I would like to say that I really did not expect this from a modern artist. The song starts off by introducing a very retro vibe that instantly sets a certain mood. This really brings me back a few decades, while still being modern and gives me about the same feeling as I had when I heard Phil Collin’s “In The Air Tonight”. Not sure if that was an inspiration to this single, but the relation is there for me.

Alright, there is a certain skill involved here with the songwriting. I assume it’s the artist himself that wrote the song, and it shows that he is an experienced lyricist. It’s quite hard to create a few lines, that doesn’t become repetitive and still impacts the song well. With talking about falling in love, and how tough this can be, it really fits the audio image of the song.

Now for the production. They really went for a minimalistic production, with a solid bassline and some high plucks accompanied by a kick. To me, this is walking on the line of being too repetitive as they stick with this exact formula most of the way through, but the drum-pattern in the chorus saves it for me. The minimalistic production works well with the general vibe and vocals. As for the mix, I would recommend to not let those high plucks get too sharp. They feel just a bit too sharp, which will make the song sound quite harsh at some points. The vocals sit well in the mix, but get’s a bit muddy at times because of the effects. Maybe they considered this while mixing and chose to compromise a little clarity for this. But in my humble opinion, I would dial that back a bit and work a bit more towards vocal thickening instead. You could almost replicate this effect with a solid vocal thickening chain instead. Other leveling sounds on point and the master sounds good.

All in all, a solid track out of West of West. The project is exciting and will catch you off guard in a positive way. The artwork is good too. If I were to pick on something there, I would have changed the font and positioning of the font. Good work! It shows that you have some experience in the music industry, and I hope you keep making music West of West.

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