• Mike Demio

VanMilli's tribute to eazy-e

Alright feels great to be back on 24ct Sounds after the easter. Today I'll be taking a look at the song "Eazy-E - VanMilli". We even have a music video for this one that I'll be mentioning as well in this review. Lets get to it!

The song starts off with these strings that we all know from hip-hop very well. Together with rainy ambience they set the mood immediately and we know that deep, gritty beat is kicking in very soon. It’s a great tool that hip-hop producers use to introduce contrast in their productions, so the listeners won’t be overwhelmed.

The transition to VanMilli’s vocals is coming in with the line “Flow so good like Eazy-E”, and we just know it’s a tribute song to “The Godfather of Gangsta Rap”. VanMilli has a solid flow throughout the song that resembles the OG rap style of the 90’s. I’m finding myself enjoying this maybe more than I should as the vocals sit well in the mix, the 808’s hit hard, and the lyrics are catchy!

We do have one huge issue with this song though, and that must be addressed. ITS WAY TOO SHORT. VanMilli, we want more, haha! It’s one of those songs you just want to flow with for way longer. I’m not sure if this is intentionally as a “tool” to make the listeners spam the repeat button. I have done that myself in the past, so wouldn’t be unthinkable but short or not, the song is awesome.

We also have a music video for the track, and I can’t even begin to say how many times I have seen indie videos that are shot poorly or just without any idea of what they want before shooting. VanMilli absolutely nailed the music video for “Eazy-E” as the aesthetics match the song perfectly. The ambience introduced early in the song just sits so well with the color tone and clips in this video.

You can also tell that he got this made somewhat professionally as the cuts and sync looks great. Well done!

As for the technical aspects of the song, it’s kind of hard to say too much as I don’t have the vocal file to analyze. But the mix sounds good, sounds like it hits all of the audio spectrum, and nothing sticks out.

So it’s “eazy” to say, I’m digging this and definitely putting this on the 24 Carat Sounds spotlight. Thank you for sharing this, VanMilli! Hoping the next song I hear from you will be longer so I don’t have to go into Youtube and manually replay it every time haha.