• Allie Russell

UK-based pop artist Estelllaa talks about her influences and more in her 24Ct interview

What is your musical background? How did you get into music?

From a really early age I always loved music, I don't know what it was but something always kept me with it. I loved singing always and still do, I always had a passion for it. At the age of 11 I tried producing music and writing lyrics, I had so much fun! The idea that you can write anything and make it to a song really fascinated me. I continued to write lyrics and produce music till now.

What are your biggest motivations?

I heard a quote one time “Do It Now Or Never” somehow that always stuck with me.

Whenever I feel like quitting because it’s too hard,I'm lazy or I don't have time, I try to think what would happen if I don’t do it now, would it change my future?

How do you do your daily work?

I don't treat my music as a job but at the same time I don't sit around and wait for something to happen. I try to talk to other artists like me and see what they are doing with their music and career, I try to do some collaborations with artists similar to me and their story (Right now I'm working on some collaborations).

Why did you choose to be an artist?

There are so many reasons why I choose to be an artist! First of all it’s because music is my passion, as I said before, at a really early age I always loved music and I still do! I love

performing and singing! But one of the most important reasons why I choose to be an artist is because I want to inspire other people and let them know that anything is possible as long as you work for it!

What are your ultimate career goals?

Right now I’m working on my next release which I hope will become a big hit as well as I’m also working on some collaborations. My career goal is just so far to have a song that is a hit so people can then really hear my voice and know my name. I want to show my passion for music and singing! I want people to know my name all around the world!

How do you go about honing your music skills?

From an early age I took singing lessons which helped me improve my vocals but I know that I always had a good voice even before I took those lessons. In today’s life I try to learn new things about music, like for example producing. I know I'm not the best at producing music so I try to take as much time as I can producing music.

Tell me how you have been developing your music this far

As I said before,I was making music and singing from an early age so I haven't stopped till now. Only now have I released my music and that is because I found a way how I can release music and because I want to show people who I’m from this age.

Describe your dream project

I have a lot of dream projects that I want, but I'm taking it one at a time because I know the right time will come in the future. One of the dream projects I want is having an EP, because I have so much music in my library it would be amazing to share it all.

What are your biggest influences?

I look up to a lot of self made artists, I get inspired by them a lot of the time. Some artists that I look up to are Billie Eilish,Prince and Melanie Martinez.

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