• Mike Demio

How did this duo fly under our radar this whole time?! The Undecideds - Oldest Story in the World

Updated: Sep 13

Ooooh do we have a treat for you today. A brother / sister act that is absolutely crushing alt-rock, and they do it all while remaining indie. That in itself is incredible, but that’s not all! You even get a music video to watch (after reading the article of course!!). Without further ado, lets get to the review of "The Undecideds - Oldest Story in the World"

First things first, I just have to address the video. This is no music video review, but The Undecideds…bloody well done! The video has clever cuts and a nostalgic feel to it, I’m impressed.

So, to the music. They start off by introducing an ambient guitar that sets the mood right away. Flawlessly transitioning into the verse with the bassline coming in and the roomy vocals. The instruments are just so darn well mixed throughout the whole track, the hats are capped to not overpower the vocals and the top drums sound so crisp. A lot of rock songs have such a hard time getting to this level of smoothness. I can’t stress enough how hard it is to blend this many sounds as in “Oldest Story in the World”. A hard rock song could get away with being harsh, it would even elevate the sound. But, unless you are doing a hard rock track, you can’t get away with it!

You all know that I always try to find some potential of improvement in the songs we review here to try and get some educational aspects going. I’m looking really hard here, and The Undecideds are giving me such a hard time with finding anything to improve. But if I were to say something I would nitpick the vocals a bit. Don’t get me wrong, the vocals work perfectly, and sounds amazing. The following lines here is just a personal preference and should NOT be considered technically correct.

I would possibly compress the vocals a bit more, as they peak just a little on the loudest parts, the compressor helps the vocals level correctly with the instruments and flatten them a little. I would also try to experiment a little with dialing back on the reverb and go with a vocal process called “vocal thickening” to counter the vibrance you take away with the reverb.

Nonetheless, Oldest Story in the World sounds amazing as it is, and this is definitely worth a listen or two…hundred. It’s going in my favorites for sure.

The duo has a bio that we thought would be fun to share if you want to get to know them a little more. You should also show them some love by pressing the buttons below and follow them on social media. Mike out! The Undecideds may take their namesake cue from the great fringe rock bands of the past, but they are anything but "undecided." These gifted, young, siblings, Chloe and Dexter, are a rare sighting and breath of fresh air in a business that often calculates the bottom line without actually factoring in real talent. With few exceptions, The Undecideds have little interest in contemporary music. Forgive the cliché, but these young musicians are truly "Old Souls." Their energy, strong vocals, and genuine musical chops will grab you immediately. Cutting their teeth on live concerts all over Los Angeles while honing their recording skills it is not too difficult to see why The Undecideds have garnered an underground loyal following on social media. They love what they do and they truly love the music. They are what the trades used to call "The Real Deal." They are young, talented, and sincere, and their following grows day by day. Not surprising, folks know the real deal when they hear it.