• Allie Russell

The major-league EDM producer from Norway "RGT"

Norwegian producer RGT has officially announced the release of his newest single ‘Final Days’, in collaboration with singer Anna Slinning.

Following several other successful releases, ‘Final Days’ marks the start of a big and busy year for the popular EDM artist.

Originally recorded as a soundtrack for an adventure game, the duo realised it was “too good” upon its completion to not release it separately as a solo single, and it has since been released officially on Spotify and other popular online listening platforms.

With haunting vocals, listeners won’t be able to get the catchy sounds of ‘Final Days’ out of their heads this March, as it steadily kicks in with a bold beat in true RGT style. What on paper would appear to be solemn lyrics, is well and truly supercharged with rich rhythm and bold beats.

Renowned for his popular EDM tracks, the producer is known for collaborating with artists on other singles such as ‘Take You Down' - with RØDY, and ‘Rebound’ – with Jessica Chertock.

Formally known as Ruben Gausel Torkelson, RGT first hit the scene in 2020 with the track, ‘I Would’, which was then followed by several further releases on Spotify.

Since then, the rising talent has been noted as ‘one to watch’ in 2022, as he unveils the title of his second single of the year this March. ‘Final Days’, stands on a new height of his creativity, where he strides into a bolder and richer territory within the EDM genre.

“I don’t think I’ve ever felt this excited about a song before,” says RGT.

“This song really is one of my best yet, and I’m so pleased to have had the pleasure of working with Anna on this. Everything about it just clicked into place from the minute we pressed record. We worked incredibly hard on the track, and yet somehow it just fell together perfectly from the very beginning.”

“As soon as Anna had worked her magic, I just knew we had to release it officially. With spine-tingling vocals matched in time with an effervescent beat and tempo, this track is really something different. We’re excited to see what everyone else thinks.”

Electrician turned EDM artist, RGT says he has always had an incredibly strong passion for producing music. Since a young age, he says he was “captivated” by the art of making music, and has always appreciated the creative process that goes into making beats and rhythms.

He was a producer for more than a decade for Optic Studios, where he worked with many artists across the globe on massive projects – exposing him to even more incredible talent and music artists, many of whom RGT has since worked with on separate solo projects.

With plans to host a tour in Europe, RGT is certainly one to watch this year - as ‘Final Days’ marks the beginning of what is set to be a bright future for the producer, with more bangers in the pipeline for this year.