• Mike Demio

Terje Nodland kicks off his artist career with "Our Journey"

Terje Nodland just sent us what seems to be his very first single “Our Journey”. An acoustic indie song that immediately brought some associations to “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” by Poison. They have the same kind of acoustic beauty over them. But enough chit-chat and let’s get into the review!

Our Journey starts off with introducing a guitar riff that loops a couple of times for the intro. The guitar sounds organic, something that is underappreciated in these modern times. There is not really too much to say about the guitar other than it’s a solid work of art throughout the song.

We are introduced with the vocals at 0:15 seconds in, a pinch too much reverb for my liking at this point. A neat trick is to have the reverb in its own track when mixing. Then sending the vocals to through the reverb and automate it. This way you can control the overall reverb plus reduce it where you don’t want it to bleed through that much. The reverb works just fine for the rest of the song, where it brings a mor atmospheric sound to the whole song. There is a backing vocal coming in at times, which further elevates this atmospheric vibe. It sounds dreamy and beautiful, so well done in balancing this out. I do think the vocals could benefit from a bit more compression, not a whole lot but just to cut down on those peaks just a little.

For the instruments, I really miss a little more presence in the low-end and high-end. The mid-range is getting a bit crowded at times and can sound a little muddy at times because of this. An important thing to remember is to let everything have its desired space in the audio spectrum. Clashing frequencies = muddy sounding mix. It’s not ruining the song, but the devil is in the details! The song could have been pushed a little louder to bring in just a little more power. The general LUFS value is at around -14, and I'd like to see this at around -12 for this track.

All in all Terje Nodland, this is a solid track for sure. The husky voice with the female backing works so well with the guitar. Just gets even better when the drums come in. I hope this is the first of many songs from you. You are off to a very solid start here, which is not too common for new artists, so keep on rocking! Best of luck with your future music and thank you for sending Our Journey to us!