• Mike Demio

Release alert from Srv-musicmaker, and it's name is Frenzy

New music alert! Today is the release day of Frenzy, by Srv-musicmaker. A hard-hitting trance song that has enough power to run a house. It’s always refreshing to be sent a song in a genre that we don’t often have on the blog. Without further ado, let’s get into the review of Frenzy.

If you have followed this blog for a while, you know that I always talk about song structure and audio design. In my humble opinion, this is the bread and butter for any song. Quite simply because the listeners are going on a musical journey when they are listening to a new song, and it is the artist’ job to make sure that journey is a good experience. A good general guideline for song structure is ABCB, which means the B-section is the “drop”, C-section is the main breakdown and A-section being the intro and lead. Srv-musicmaker’s Frenzy is going a little different route with a BCB build, where he is starting with the drop and going into the main breakdown at 0:56. I personally think it would be a better journey all in all to go with ABCB, but in trance, it’s actually quite normal to go with BCB. It’s absolutely fine the way it is, it’s just a more energetic start, which could indicate this song is built for the stage.

Moving on, Frenzy is built of a synth pattern and a drumline. The semi-dry kicks really get your blood flowing and the synth is just adding to the energy. Quite simple and solid start on the song. It’s not always easy to transition into a slower part in a song, but Srv-musicmaker does it with ease when he goes into the main breakdown. With a mystical vibe adding some excitement we are met with a buildup that does its job flawlessly. There does seem to be some frequencies crashing at around 1:41, that is making the song just a bit muddy. It’s important to keep everything within its audio space and be careful to mix overlapping frequencies.

The drop could be a little more original, with a somewhat more dynamic progression. It blends nicely with the buildup, but we would like to hear an explosion. This is however, a more classic trance song so it’s also fine like this, its just my personal preference. Some vocals would also be a great addition to this.

Some words from the producer himself: Frenzy, as the name suggests, is an instrumental that tries to highlight the frantic nature of life at times. It focuses on the struggles of an average individual who goes through a lot of struggles in personal and professional aspects of their life and tries to fulfill their potential.

"Uncontrolled emotions can often lead people to break into a wild frenzy, which leads to them taking actions they regret".

Frenzy is definitely a solid trance track, well done Srv-musicmaker! This will for sure hit hard on the stage and we are looking forward to seeing how it performs. Thank you very much for sending us your song! We wish you all the best in all your future musical endeavors, come back anytime!