• Mike Demio

Organic house duo Palk and their debut single Tharna

We have a kind of special song on our blog today. A song style that’s not too common for everyday consumers of 24 Carat Sounds, so this should be interesting! The song is called “Tharna”, and it’s brought to us by the artist duo Palk. The name Palk stems from “The Palk Strait” which is a strait between a southern part of India and northern Sri Lanka. Also, the name "Tharna" means "Journey" in the language Sinhala, spoken by the Sinhalese people of Sri Lanka. Always a pleasure with some backstory to the bands and artists we feature here!

Knowing where this song comes from, lets get to the official 24 Carat review!

Tharna starts off with setting up a vibe instantly. Due to the length of the song (4:40 minutes) they chose to go with track layering which is a great method of helping listeners prepare for new elements in a song. They classify themselves in the organic house genre which kind of suits this track, but I would also call this a somewhat traditional style. They introduce this looping drum pattern of soft drums that keeps the beat through more or less the whole song, while layering new instruments and ambience over this. A quite cool thing to notice on this track is how seamless they manage to make progression changes without having a vocal to lean on for anticipation. However, I would love to have some vocals on this track, as it would elevate the overall experience.

As for the technical aspects for the song, it’s a little hard to tell exactly if they use the whole audio space. It sounds good to my ear, with maybe a little lack in the high end. The little high end I get is a bit too sharp for my liking, so I would try to EQ some of that. The track could benefit from a bit more compression on the percussion to make it sit a bit better in the mix. Other than that, the mix sounds great! The master is also good, as I mentioned above there is some elements in the percussion that could use some compression or even just better balancing as they take a bit too much space but the overall leveling sounds nice.

They managed to make a 4 minutes 40 seconds song without making it boring just by layering elements. That is impressive, especially when they don’t have vocals to carry it. Well done Palk!

Thank you very much for submitting your song to 24 Carat Sounds, we wish you all the best with your music, and hope to hear some vocals on your next piece! We’ll be listening.