• Mike Demio

Opus Anthem calling all alt-rock fans!

Opus Anthem took a leap of faith and send us one of their new releases called “Turning”. This song was released in 2021, so not too new, but still the newest song on their Spotify page! The group Opus Anthem dabbles in a genre mix of alternative, indie rock, indie pop, dream pop and shoegaze. This is really proven by “Turning” as this is one of those projects that is really hard to put a label on. I tend to like these experimental songs as they often implement elements you’d never dream of. As a producer myself, I know all about how you can grow stale in one way of producing, and these guys just throw in some spice to see what happens. Love it.

Let’s get into the track.

The intro is a little off-putting as there seems to be a guitar loop that has a hard stop before the loop really finishes. This is exclusively in the intro, not really sure why they went that route with it but honestly not a big deal. It gives off a very dreamy vibe with the guitar, but not too smooth as it makes you feel it could go nuts at any time as well. Almost sounds like they are playing with the idea that an insane guitar solo or a riff will pop in anytime, which I honestly would love in this song.

The vocals come in at 18 seconds in, which just ties the whole “dreamy” vibe together. It’s very downtempo and relaxing vocals. They sound a bit too quiet, which is a shame because they are mixed so well to make this dreamy effect. I would like the vocals to be pullet just a little forward in the mix to make them pop a bit more. No dealbreaker though. At around 2.20 they introduce some backing vocals that again threw me off a little, they should be further back in the mix. However, at 2:34 they introduce what is my favorite part of the track! The track picks up its speed and the vocals become more present. I got some Led Zeppelin vibes from that part! Wish they would go even crazier with it!

The outro ties the song together with some retro sounds that fades it out in a nice fashion. I think I would prefer a more substantial outro, I’m one of those guys that feels that a simple fade is a bit lazy producing, but that’s just my humble opinion.

The track has solid lyrics, deep and meaningful. And the song even has a music video. I always appreciate when artists go all out like this, well done.

All in all, a solid track. If you like alternative rock, I think you will enjoy "Turning"! Thank you for sharing it with us, Opus Anthem! We wish you all the best, and hope you put out new music this year… spoiler, they will!! So show them some love and follow them on spotify and social media.

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