• Mike Demio

New York, ears armed! Dior Swish's "Roxanne" reviewed

Review time! Today we are taking a look into the portfolio of an artist that is new to the blog. We are talking hip-hop artist Dior Swish and his song Roxanne, which is from his EP “400 Degrees”.

The song starts off by introducing the ambience. A quite dramatic sound takes us into an elongated intro. The verse starts at 0:45 which is rather unusual for a hip-hop song. It does work though, Dior Swish is building for the vocal presentation, and does it well. Now we have to discuss the vocals, they are more or less mumble-rap, which you all know I don’t particularly like. I mean, in this case, you can make out most of the words which makes this fine to me. However, from a technical standpoint, the vocals could use some work in my humble opinion. The vocals should be pushed just a tiny bit in the mix to allow the 808’s punch through where they should. I would also either pitch the hats or EQ a little off the high end to take off that very bright edge as they go off quite a lot without vocals as well in this track. The contrast there is just too big, and it takes too much priority from the bassline. I would also like to hear the backing vocals pushed a bit back in the mix as well, as they make the song feel too crowded.

Without more vocal talk, the track is fire! At 2:13 we get a fake-outro which was a nice touch, I would however try to keep a bit more energy before going out in the fake-outro. The track is catchy and sticks in your head, which is what I think Dior Swish was going for, well done.

Solid track from a solid album. Hoping to hear more from Dior Swish soon.

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