• Mike Demio

Need some soul? Yes you do - Listen to SouLTheDon's latest single

A brand-new artist hits the 24 Carat Sounds blog today. We are reviewing SouLTheDon’s latest single “Never”. As always, this will be a short dive into our thoughts going in, where we talk about the ups and downs for the track. We just got words that 24 Carat Sounds was chosen to be the number 1 technical music blog in Norway!! Thank you all so much for making that possible, and for reading the blog. We wish nothing more that we all grow as artists and it makes us so proud to know that we are helping on that matter. But without further ado, let’s get into “Never”.

SouLTheDon takes us into the song with a very wide piano, almost sounds like a church organ and some ambience. This instantly set a certain mood for the song, and the mood is made stronger by the talking vocals. Now right off when the vocals hit, I can’t help but feel like they don’t sit too well in the mix. They also could use a de-esser to take that sharpness off the “s”. The top drums are introduced and the track builds towards the bassline to hit. Classic hip-hop, and SouLTheDon does it beautifully. I will set aside the fact that the vocals are taking up a bit too much audio space throughout the rest of the review, and we will talk about some vocal mixing next. SouLTheDon have thrown on a rough reverb, now whether he did this as an effect or because he felt the vocals was too flat without is not to our knowledge. But for the sake of learning, we will assume the latter. If you feel the vocals are a bit flat, then you should do a full vocal processing technique called “vocal thickening” instead of throwing on a reverb. By thickening your vocals, you will make them wider while still maintaining a more “true sound”. Moving forward, SouLTheDon spits fire lyrics! He made a relatable and easy-to-follow track. I really can’t stand mumble rap, and you will easily catch every word of Never. Love that! I would be a bit careful with the harmony vocals though, they need to be pushed back a bit in the mix as they take a bit too much focus.

To conclude, “Never” by SouLTheDon is definitely a track worth having a listen to. The only things we would want to change is in the mixing and mastering. The track needs some fuller high-end and there is something making the instrumental feel a bit muddy. Might be fighting frequencies, which is easily fixed with some clever EQ and pitch correcting. The track gets bonus points for its music video as well, which we love to see!

Well, SouLTheDon, you have star potential for sure!

Thank you so much for sending us your music, and we wish you all the best in your future musical endeavors!