• Mike Demio

KingQueen rocks the entire 24 Carat Sounds office

LA! Open your eyes. A great pop-rock band is right under your nose and don’t have a fraction of the exposure they deserve. KingQueen just released their debut EP with Curtain Call Records and we have the pleasure of having them on 24 Carat Sounds to dive a little deeper in one of their songs, “It’s Raining”.

For those that have been following the blog for a while know by now that I’m a sucker for a good rock song. My main genre when producing is EDM, love hiphop and my guilty pleasure is rock. So whenever I have a rock song sent my way, you know I’m sharpening my ears and really putting it to the test.

Although “It’s Raining” isn’t pure rock but blends the soft vocal style and rhythm of pop, it still holds up to me. They waste no time as we are introduced with the guitar and drums immediately in the intro. It keeps it going for about 15 seconds, setting the mood of the song before the vocals come in. The vocals just rocks right off the bat, elevating the instruments even more. You can already tell that this song has been mixed and mastered by a professional, the balances and compression is sounding great, which is also quite the difficult task to do in pop-rock as it needs to stay edgy and smooth at the same time to sound good. Which brings me back to the vocals, we really need to address these… She ties into the instruments perfectly despite her being so close to the same frequencies as the guitar and adding unique-soft-rock vocals to the mix just does it for me.

I really can’t find anything to put my finger on here and believe me I’m trying! I’ll just go ahead and say it: “It’s Raining” by KingQueen is just a damn solid track.

They sent us the music video for the song. This just adding to the serious factor of the band. KingQueen is here to stay! You got yourselves a new fan for sure. If you’re a fan as well, be sure to check out their tour dates. They are out promoting the EP on the Golden State Tour, so don’t miss them! If you get to see them, please get me an autograph!

We wish you all the best with the band, KingQueen! Have fun on your journey and don’t forget about us here at 24 Carat Sounds, we will be looking for your name in the headlines.