• Mike Demio

Jeffu, L8er and Jeff Shadows bringing us the chill vibes we love

We have a new artist on the blog! Jeffu sent us a lo-fi hip-hop song to review. The song is called “mess” and features multiple artists – Jeffu, Jeff Shadows and L8er.

The song starts off with a smooth power chord to immediately set the mood. The lo-fi vibe settles from the first second, with a layered ambience effect going on together with a downtempo drum pattern. It’s quite appealing. L8er comes in as the vocalist after only 1 second, which kind of caught me off guard a little. I would prefer somewhat of a transition to help listeners get prepared for the vocals. However, the song is quite short, and we can understand that they want to get straight to the point! Further, the vocals balances on the edge with being a bit too present in the mix.

It can also feel a bit crowded at times because of the backing vocals. I assume they put the backing vocals there to spice it up a little? I would also like a bit more compression on the main vocal. Other than that, it sounds crisp, and you can make out every word and he keeps the relaxing lo-fi tone throughout the song. Gotta love the lyrics as well, I think we can all relate to feeling like a mess at times.

The beat is really well balanced, without having the song in my DAW to analyze, I would say they use the audio spectrum perfectly with no clashing frequencies. The mastering sounds neat too, which is a sign of a good quality artist. I can’t even begin to count the number of artists that just turn their songs up as loud as they can and think they have mastered it. No thank you! So I appreciate this song, it’s going in my chill playlist for sure.

Thank you very much for sending your music our way Jeffu! It’s going to be fun to see where this song will end up, we’ll be watching!