• Mike Demio

Is "Summer again" by Johan Davis this years summer song?

We might have found this year's "summer song", or songs? Here is our review of one of the versions of Johan Davis' song "Summer Again". This version is called "Summer Again - Storge Drum Mix"

We have a few interesting facts to address before starting off the review. This song is a cover of the original “Summer Again”. The original has been covered by multiple artists around the globe and has shown to be quite the fun collection of different variations that all gives off a unique vibe. Worth a listen if you like this version.

Alright onto the review. To start off we can address the intro which presents a very wide and organic sounding piano with various percussion to add a little substance to the track. The percussion is sounding a bit redundant in the intro, as it takes away some of the focus that should be exclusively directed at the piano. The piano carries through the whole song, but with various new elements introduced as the song progresses. But we have to talk a little more about the piano, as it’s used in a rather unusual way for these types of projects. I mentioned that the piano is sounding wide and organic. This leads me to wonder if the piano is actually recorded and not made in a DAW. If this is made in a DAW, then well done with making it feel organic. However, the mid-range could benefit from a slight selective EQ to make the piano sound a little less wide and polish the sound even more. This might have been something they thought of and chose to have it stay like it is to further accentuate the organic feel you get from it. Although, in my opinion, I would like a little more polished piano when mixing it with electronic elements. I guess that boils down to personal preference.

At 1:39 we are introduced with a super soft kick and a shift in piano melody that really puts the “summer” into the song. It immediately feels tropical and chic at the same time. It really plays with your brain; do you want to get up and get your dance foot going or do you just want to sit and enjoy the piano. Wet percussion added to add a dynamic layer, which makes you hooked in the groove of the chorus. It’s really playful and light. I would look into softening up the percussion at around 3:15 as it feels a bit too harsh against the general soft theme of the song.

But to draw a conclusion. A very light and interesting song. Its mixed well, a few minor things I would do different but overall, a great song. This is perfect for those long sunny days at the beach, as it instantly puts you in a good mood. Its going in my playlist for sure.

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