• Mike Demio

I bet you didn't know christian contemporary could sound like this!!

Alright, having heard through Brandon Hixson’s “Take Me To The River” a couple of times I have to say I’m impressed. Categorizing this as a Christian contemp song with a twist. It introduces way more dynamics than the genre usually sees, which is great!

The intro is smooth with a sweep into drums. I always like to hear this combination as this allows you to introduce more or less any instrument you’d like after. So, you could say they already sat the bar right here with this song. Take Me To The River gives us a pleasing guitar, I think I would personally take out just a little high-end of this guitar, but that’s personal preference.

The vocals come in softly, with a great melody line that compliments the instruments. The vocals could have benefit from a little harder compression in the end of the chorus, but it is sounding so good. I’m trying my hardest to find some constructive, and Brandon didn’t give me much to work on here! It’s basically perfect. It features flawless progression change after a rocking guitar solo, catchy lyrics, captivating instrumental and a great vocal.

All in all, solid track Brandon Hixson! Definitely 24 Carat approved!