• Mike Demio

Flowzus new single "STRESS ON ME" in the hot seat of 24 Carat Sounds - HIT ALERT

Today we will be reviewing Flowzus new single “STRESS ON ME”. A brand-new hip-hop gem from a rising artist. Let’s start from the beginning.

I must talk a little about the production, even though I’m fairly certain Flowzus didn’t produce this himself, or at least the credits don’t pin him as the producer. Sorry if I’m mistaken on that matter.

We are introduced with a somewhat retro / funky synth and a xylophone melody that just adds to this retro vibe. The drums are introduced after 9 seconds and comes in extremely clean. The purpose of an intro is to prepare the listeners to the next element in the song, and we are off to a great start here. The production goes on in a rather repetitive and monotone pattern, which in this particular song, doesn’t mean its bad. This allows the vocals to be a focal point in the song and gives the vocalist more space to work with. The production in it’s whole is a clean and great hip-hop beat. I am however, missing some wider use of the audio spectrum. Some simple hi-hats strategically placed would make the beat a bit more dynamic and would add a little flare to it.

Now on to the vocals. Flowzus comes in by hitting us with the song title immediately. Super clean! The flow of the vocals is set from the beginning, which works so well on this production. I get some 2000’s rap associations with the way Flowzus are rapping on this track, and that’s a huge compliment coming from me.

You can hear every word clearly, and he sits well in the mix. I appreciate the fact they paid attention to de-essing the “S” sounds in the song. A bad de-essing job can make a good song sound awful. He threw in some vocal harmonies to further highlight the vocals which is a good trick as it adds a new dimension in the song. However, this can just as easily make the vocals feel a bit muddy. This is what happens in the first part of the chorus, but we are talking nitpicking, a long way from disaster, plus we are quickly thrown into the second part of the chorus. The lyrics are great, relatable, and easy to follow. A high sing-along factor is always a good thing. To pick up on my note on potential improvement from the beat, I would also like to hear just a little more contrast in the vocals as well. We are introduced with some higher singing at 1.23 which sounds great. If the song was longer, you would have needed to carry that a little further. For a 2.46 min song, this is just fine. Just keep in mind that contrasts in a song adds a dynamic element that will elevate the overall listening experience.

As a conclusion, this song is fire! Definitely a song that is worth throwing into your favorite playlists. You have cracked a code that many musicians struggle to crack. I would not be surprised if you’r next album comes out with a big label behind it if you keep this level of professionalism up.

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