• Allie Russell

Exclusive interview with the prodigious singer/songwriter Anna Slinning

We were lucky enough to get Anna Slinning on an exclusive interview with 24 Carat Sounds. Going through her impressive portfolio of songs takes you on a journey that we can't recommend enough taking. We definately believe this artist is going to reach the hit lists soon enough with her unique vocal style, combined with great songwriting. But without further ado, here is the interview!

What is your musical background? How did you get into music?

My parents always enjoyed music. My mother having played classical piano from an early age, but also a big music lover. It was not uncommon to hear music being played out loud from my family house. My father was a person with a curiosity and excitement for a lot of different things, loving to learn new things, so he too played some musical instruments – mainly bass and guitar.

I sang at a local choir in my youth, and I have always enjoyed singing. I did some song competitions. However, my song writing career started when I was about 13 years old. I lost my older brother at a young age, and writing my own music and singing became a way to process my feelings around the loss of him. I started learning to play guitar by using my dads old guitar, I also learned some basic chords on my keyboard, and gradually I started making my own beats and arrangements to my original songs using Logic Pro (a music production software on the computer). I’ve performed with my music in the acoustic genre up until I was about 19 years old.

Recent years I’ve moved over to the EDM genre, and I love the sound of that genre as well. I guess I have some things in common with my father, being excited and curious to try out new things.

What are your biggest motivations?

I would say my biggest motivation is to keep on challenging myself, making new music and develop as an artist. I miss perfoming on stage and will add that as a motivation I have as well, as that is something I plan on doing more of in the future and it motivates me when recalling how much I used to love it.

What's the role of an artist in the society?

I would say the role of an artist in the society is to make people feel something or add to their emotions; whether it is happiness, sadness, calmness, etc. I believe music can make great changes in people’s lives, and also think the world would be a lot more empty without it.

How do you do your daily work?

I’m a masters degree student in mental health work and drug addiction. I also work part time at a childrens care center and at a mental health facility. As for music, I take submissions at the music platform Soundbetter.

Why did you choose to be an artist?

In the beginning, I wanted to make a change in people’s lives by writing lyrics of hope and combining it into soothing melodies. I wanted to reach out to someone and make them feel better, even if it was for just one person.

After having some professional experience through the years, I would say I love being an artist because we make art. I love how music speaks a universal language. So I guess my answer to this question is that I’m an artist because I love to use my creative side and put it out into music creating beautiful songs.

Tell me how you have been developing your music this far

I would say I’ve been through a great journey with my music throughout the years; moving from acoustic singersongwriter style over to more pop/RnB and EDM.

I’ve done music professionally as an artist on stage for several years, however as my life situation has changed it has become difficult to balance daily work life, studies and music, and therefore I’m less on stage and mostly working “behind the scenes” writing, recording and releasing music. I have plans to get back on stage though, and that is something I really am looking forward to!

How do you overcome creative blocks?

Creative blocks do happen… I think I overcome them by either forcing myself to shut out all thoughts that are critiqual, or at least be aware of them and try not to engage to them, while I keep working for a certain amount of time (for instance 30 minutes). The result isn’t always something I love, but sometimes new ideas pops up later on and I go back and rearrange it to the track. Another thing I do when creative blocks happen, is that I do the complete opposite; I stop what I’m doing and put my music work aside. Sometimes all it took was just the break with a change of scenery; I often go for a walk outside getting some fresh air to clear my head. However, I find it hard to completely put aside what I’m doing, so it has to be a small break helping me look at my project with different eyes afterwards.

What are you workin on at the moment?

At the moment I’m working on writing for a real girl power track, which will be a collaboration with different female artists. Since most of my songs has a lot of depth, I’m excited to also make something more light and fun.

How do you know when a song is finished?

I just have that settling feeling, it feels right. Some rare music projects have been written in a day, lyrics and melody, and those kind of special song projects it just feels right from beginning to end and the whole creative process just flows all natural. In retrospect, those are the kind of songs that seems to be most liked from my audience as well, so that’s an interesting side note.

What is the biggest challenge of being an artist?

I would say my biggest challenge of being an artist, is having the ground confidence in myself and “put myself out there”. Although I don’t want to get too personal when writing music, I tend to always have a personal touch in the lyrics, and that makes me a bit vulnerable when releasing new material.

What is the biggest mistake you have made in your career to this point?

I would definitely say not having had more confidence in what I do and who I am as an artist during earlier years. It has taken me time and a lot of personal work, while processing these challenges it has affected not the quality of my music I would say, but it sure has put on some breaks for me in my music career.

Anything you would like to tell your fans? This might come out a bit cliché, but I would say to always stay true to who you are, love what you do and don’t be afraid to stand out. Life is too short, it’s yours, and you are the only one responsible to make the most out of your own life.

Thank you very much for taking the interview Anna! We will be on the lookout for your new releases, and can't wait for the girl power track to release!

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