• Allie Russell

exclusive interview with johan davis - the italian tropical and deep house dj/producer

We have had the pleasure of getting to hear from the Italian tropical and deep house DJ / producer Johan Davis. His music has been heard by hundred of thousands and he is not slowing down anytime soon. Here is the 24 Carat Sounds interview with the artist.

What is your musical background? How did you get into music? I started DJing very young, and I followed the evolution of electronic music from the 90s to today. In this journey my style has changed, and I have found my identity. After a long break, I decided to dedicate all of myself to music production, to return to entertain and excite anyone who wants to follow me.

What's the role of an artist in the society? Artists communicate with emotion. I like to tell stories with my music, I like to talk about people and feelings, because my stories are the stories of all of us. Music helps to escape from reality, helps to reflect, helps to remember, helps to get out of the banality of everyday life.

How do you do your daily work? My artistic life does not follow patterns or programs, I alternate passion with inspiration. I listen to a lot of music, I constantly study new techniques, I try to get to know my instruments better and better. It is from these gestures that I find ideas to create something original, something that was not there before.

What are your ultimate career goals? I have only one career goal: to have fun! Of course, everyone would love to achieve success or fame, but having a job that gives people joy, smile and fun .. is a great fortune and makes me happy.

How do you go about honing your music skills? To hone your music skills, the first tip is to listen, listen and listen again. Music is taste, but also technique. Listening to others helps to get ideas, helps to understand where the music market is going, helps to compare your work. Every day you can improve your skills, art is a path not a point of arrival.

What are your biggest influences? I am a producer of Tropical and Deep House music and there are big names in my genre that can influence my style. The artists who have most influenced my style are Avicii, Lost Frequencies, Mahmut Orhan, Alan Walker, but above all Kygo. The Kygo style is very present in my music and often the association is immediate.

What are you working on at the moment? I am very busy these days and a few days ago my new album came out. I am very happy about this release, I actually consider it a bonus album because it strays a bit from my genre. The album title is “Another Summer” and it contains 4 acoustic version related to my previous single: “Summer Again”. Every track has unique characteristics, and my role has a different impact depending on what I wanted to convey with the music. In the meantime,

I have almost finished my next creature, it will be Deep House style and will be out this spring. I am very impatient to finish this project, I think my audience will like it very much and it can be a good success, thanks also to a prestigious collaboration.

Anything you would like to tell your fans? I want to thank my fans for their constant support and love, I hope to always convey positive vibes and I invite you to join me for another crazy year together! Thank you.

Thank you very much for being on 24 Carat Sounds, we wish you the best of luck with your music going forwards and hope your new album will exceed all expectations!

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