• Allie Russell

EDM producer PRAYGODZ answering some burning questions

Updated: Sep 13

PRAYGODZ have been a while in the music scene, and is starting to surface as a strong contender in the music business. He's been clawing his way up to several labels and is a true inspiration to all indie artists. He's kind enough to answer some of our questions and his answers are exactly what we need to keep our strenght up this week!

What is your musical background? How did you get into music? It's funny you know? My musical background, I started to fall in love with EDM back in 2009, when my older brother played me some EDM music for the first time @Deadmau5 "Strobe" really made me realize that there is more emotion in electronic music than any other genre. In 2011 my older brother downloaded a DAW from the motivation he received from a DJ friend to start producing EDM. I asked my brother to install the same DAW on my PC but sadly it had a too weak processor. In 2014 my family decided to move to live in Israel, my older brother enlisting in IDF, I have finally got some time to be on my older brother's PC for trained in production.

How do you define success as an artist?

First, I think it depends on when you try the best or you are 100% honestly with yourself and keep it your failures the right key for get better person and artist as well. for me in my first artist project I became more involved by meeting local artists who would go to their studio and release music, I just gained experience from collaborations with artists from abroad for learn technique from the projects I would get from their experience, but I never used it as bad thing. at the end of 2020 I decided to retire from producing due to suspicions that he I more collaborations than solo which showed that I has "no ability to produce without help. This thing brought to a period of depression, after many conversations with artist who showed empathy, I decided to return to a new project called PRAYGODZ which symbolizes prayer to God even in difficult hard situations, I thanks him for letting him failure and understand where the mistake for return with a blessed true way.

How do you know when a song is finished?

How do I know when a song is finished? If I explain it simply, my answer will be simple, through feelings sometimes I can understand, but it's not exactly accurate. "It must sound like it has been mixed and mastered as it should be" that's what the majority says. If we are talking about a finished song that is actually your production and you plan to send it straight to some label records, then it has to sound right. That there are not too many things missing, it is still possible to work with the "Less Is More" method, but it is important that the sources of the sound were healthy, even the little low volume FXs sample, for better transition. I think it is important to send people who listen to the same genres you produce or even DJ/artists) in order to get an honest and real opinions.

Tell us about your upcoming project with the Dutch record label Deep Winder

Well, I can say that during a long vacation of about a month in Argentina, I gained so much inspiration and already these days I am working on a new music... for now there's a lot of new music on the way, the next releases coming as soon as next month. one with a record label from France called "High Five Music" that I signed there before with my track "The Fire" but this time is different. the second release is actually another time that I sign there with a record label from Netherland called Deep Winder. I signed there for the first time my original remix of the song "Be The One" which the original track It's by my close friend MetroV and the second release there is actually an original song called "We Made It" which is going to be signed to Deep Winder Records/Music.

Thank you very much for being on 24 Carat Sounds, PRAYGODZ. We wish you all the best in your future musical endeavors and hope to see you back here soon!