• Mike Demio

D.I.Y - CHOZE, the hip-hop album you didnt know you needed

Today we are having a listen to the UK based hip-hop artist CHOZE’s latest album “D.I.Y”.

After having listened through it a few times it’s clear that CHOZE has been making music for a while. The productions had everything you want in a hip-hop track, well built, it goes hard and is layered perfectly. Matched with a vocal flow that is in the top class, you can’t help but feel captivated by the music. It shines through that CHOZE is based in the UK, as most of the songs have the distinct “UK rap style”, which is such a nice change of phase as he manages to spit every word with proper pronunciation. That’s unfortunately not a given anymore in these “mumble-rap” times. I am trying my very best to find something that’s “off” technically in the album, but it’s just a well-produced album.

Well done CHOZE, this is for sure something to be proud of!

To sum this review up. D.I.Y – CHOZE is 24 Carat Sounds approved! From the album artwork to cool interlude and several banger collaborations. We wish you all the best in your future musical endeavors, and hope to see you back on the blog again!