• Mike Demio

Why have I not heard of this artist before?! Ayo Kia's latest single "We Can't"

Updated: Sep 26

Ayo Kia is a lyrical force whose words simultaneously soothe the ear and penetrate the heart. This NOLA native adds flavor to everything she touches. As a rapper/singer, she blends Hip Hop with R&B to tell stories and take listeners on a musical journey.

We Can’t starts off by introducing an acoustic guitar that immediately sets the mood. Paired with some ambient vocals in the background we are anticipating a soft and melodic piece. The mood is further exaggerated with some beautiful guitar fingerplay and the introduction of the lead vocal for the verse that is matching the instruments perfectly. The guitar changes very little, which would be an issue if the vocals didn’t give us the musical journey we need for the song to work… but Ayo Kia hits us with a clean rap after just 28 seconds. The transition from melodic to rhythmic is done perfectly, and I’m vibing for sure at this point. I’m looking hard to find anything to arrest Ayo Kia for, as we always try to find something to “improve” or “correct”, but I can’t find anything. So “We Can’t – Ayo Kia” is most certainly 24 Carat Sounds approved! The song has it all, flow, rhythm, relatable lyrics and even a music video.

So do yourself a favor and go check out Ayo Kia’s latest single and follow her to be among the first to hear her upcoming album that’s releasing soon!